Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Sampietro Mischief

I have just started writing the second 'Sampietro Mischief' story. The completed cycle will be a series of tales concerning a renowned "Absurdity Investigator" who lives in an imaginary land called Litalia (or Literary Italy or Lit-It) where all the cities are not just named after great Italian authors but also take on certain aspects of those authors' works. Here's a map of Litalia I drew earlier this morning.

Sampietro Mischief, together with his pet monster, Chives, is based in Buzzati and that's where his first adventure ('The Astral Disruptor') took place. Now I'm taking him to Calvino, where he must face an army of Marco Polo robots who are intent on stripping away the city layer by layer, changing its character by sequentially exposing a single aspect and thus altering the lives of its citizens until Sampietro Mischief stops them. If he does stop them. I reckon there will be eight stories in the entire cycle and if I write one every year the project should be finished by 2017. And then I'll make a little book out of them, probably called The Mischief Maker or something similar.

What a dream to "be" in books, sounds like a great series.
Thanks Jane! I hope to make it as good as I can!
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