Tuesday, May 03, 2011


Brothel Creeper Hardback

The limited hardback edition of The Brothel Creeper arrived at my house today. Five large boxes stuffed with books. This edition looks extremely nice! Now I just need to sign and number the individual copies and then I can begin mailing them out. Although it's unusual for an author to distribute his own books, there was some sort of difficulty with the printers, who declined to include signed sheets with the other pages; so it has to be done the hard way instead. It's not much skin off my nose, to be honest. I'm very pleased with the production values of this volume, the effective design, clear font and dark print.

I've stuck my neck out already and declared The Brothel Creeper to be my best collection to date. I intend keeping my neck stuck out on this issue. I'm especially proud of the double theme that runs through the book, an equal mix of spiritual and sexual tales with a certain amount of overlap: some of the stories form cycles that interact with other cycles... The hardback edition includes a bonus tale, 'Cracking Nuts With Jan Hammer', making a total of 21 stories. The earliest piece in the collection dates from 1994 and the most recent from 2010. The book is available from Amazon and many other bookstores or direct from the publisher, Gray Friar Press.

A full listing of the contents of this book (and all my other books) can be found on my Aardvark Caesar website.

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