Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Scamps of Disorder

In regard to my writing, I usually find that good news comes in clusters, like grapes. The old adage, "you wait ages for a bus, then three come along at once", definitely seems to hold true for me when it comes to publishing events. Sometimes it almost feels there's too much to blog about. The same holds true for bad news, of course; and in fact it's perfectly natural that everything in the universe should cluster. In fact, if the law of probability dictates an equal spread of everything over space and time, what is the chance of that law being always right? If the law is right, then it must be subject to itself, so its own force will be also be spread out over space and time and perhaps it will be too thin to have much influence on the real world. Thus: clustering.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it. Talking about stories, I could mention that I've just completed and submitted 'The Polo Match' (my second 'Sampietro Mischief' tale); or that I'm now free to return to finishing the final chapters of The Pilgrim's Regress; or that my book of whimsical fantasy stories set in Old Spain is now available for pre-order (that volume is called Sangria in the Sangraal and I'll blog about it soon); or that my story collection, the romanti-cynical showcase Link Arms With Toads! is due out in a matter of days... But in fact I'll content myself with announcing the release of my latest ebook. Scamps of Disorder explores two sides of a very strange coin: the antics of a secret society dedicated to causing as much trouble in the world as possible in order to pre-empt unjust accusations (you can't be wrongly accused if you're guilty of everything). But the members haven't analysed the implications of multiplying negatives... This ebook is available for the grand sum of £0.71 or the equivalent fraction in euros and dollars.

Will there be a paper copy option?
I'm not a fan of kindle or the current ebook formats available.

Will you have in the future a 'print on demand' option?
Hello L.M. Thanks for your message!

No, there won't be a print edition of Scamps of Disorder in this current form. However this work is made up of two standalone pieces and the first one ('The Candid Slyness of Scurrility Forepaws') is about to be published in my next book, Link Arms With Toads!, which is due to be published in exactly two day's time!

Here's the website of the publisher:
Chomu Press -- Toads!
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