Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Shadow Play

I'm finally taking a break from writing fiction. I have been writing fiction non-stop since December 1991, so it's high time I had a rest. Indeed, I have been planning to have a rest for ages, but there always seemed to be one more project to complete. When you are me, there's always one more project to complete... Instead of concentrating on fiction, I'm going to do other things, such as messing about with music and getting much more fit. Last Saturday, Adele and I took part in our own customised pentathlon. We cycled, hiked, climbed, rock hopped (a noble sport from my youth) and enjoyed a dip in the sea. It was tough but invigorating exercise! After the pentathlon, we were shadows of our former selves. The proof of this can be found in these photos...

However, when I say I'm taking a 'break' from writing fiction, I don't mean a complete halt: it's more akin to an application of a 'brake' than a true 'break'; and like a bicycle moving at high speed, it'll take time for me to stop moving forward even when the wheels aren't spinning. So I'm still writing, but very slowly and without pressure: only when I feel like it (not every day). This means I will have more free time to sell my written but unpublished works (there are a lot of those) and also to promote more effectively those that have been published. For example: for anyone who speaks Italian, my latest ebook has now appeared in that language. Lo Sfarzoso Spettacolo Del Disordine is available from 40K . And I'll still be writing non-fiction, of course, as that's now my main source of income; and I need to save money to go travelling somewhere at the end of this year!

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