Tuesday, July 05, 2011


A Brothel Creeper Tower

There are exactly 28 copies remaining of the signed limited-edition hardback version of The Brothel Creeper. Here they are, arranged into a tower! It's not a very high tower, but as Primo Levi reminds us, "How much taller than a high tower is a very high tower?" Among these 28 is numero uno, number one! I was instructed by the publisher to keep it in reserve for a customer, but the customer has dawdled an awful long time about purchasing it, so I reckon it's up for grabs... 28 is an interesting number. In fact it's one of my lucky numbers, partly because it's a perfect number (a positive integer that is equal to the sum of its proper positive divisors) and partly because it's the atomic number of nickel, a cheeky little metal. Twenty-eight also has associations with the moon and ladies.

To purchase one of the books on this tower, please visit the relevant Gray Friar Press webpage here. If you want that number one, please specify that you do. If number one is at the bottom, the tower will fall down. Oops... What else? Oh yes, there's a chap called Steven Lockley. To increase traffic to his blog via the old economic principle of "trickle down" he is running guest blogs by various writers. Tim Lebbon has done one, so has Stephen Volk, Paul Finch, Gary McMahon, etc. My own guest blog has just appeared and it's about metafiction. Enjoy!

There are only 23 copies left now...
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