Thursday, October 27, 2011


No Tree is an Island

Adele has just completed her best painting. At least it's her best painting in my opinion; obviously everybody has their own taste in art. This photo doesn't really do full justice to the finished product, but it does give some idea of the vibrancy of the colours. All her art is for sale and can be purchased (or merely viewed) at her blogsite here... Anyone who does decide to buy any of her work will be helping to keep alive the dream of self-employment.

The independence that comes with self-employment is certainly a dream worth holding onto tightly in this age of corporate tyranny. And every penny raised helps to stop that dream breaking into wisps that disperse like the smoke of a burning metaphor (or is it a burning simile? I can never recall).

Which reminds me: in an effort to generate more sales of my recent bumper ebook, The Tellmenow Isitsöornot, I have decided to put it on special offer for just a month. To receive 33% off the normal price simply use the following coupon code (SC39M) when purchasing it from Smashwords here. Instead of getting 100 stories for $4.99, you'll get them for $3.34. This offer will last until December 1st. Thanks for listening!

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