Wednesday, October 19, 2011


The Polo Match

My latest ebook from 40K has just been released. It's another 'Sampietro Mischief' tale. This time the renowned absurdity investigator is up against an army of Marco Polo clones. With minimal help from Chives, his assistant and pet monster, can he prevail against the metafictional obstacles he is sure to encounter???

Without wishing to be curt, the answer is yes, he can; but in a most unexpected way. This story is my boldest tribute so far to my favourite writer, Italo Calvino, and consists of two parallel journeys: (a) that of Sampietro Mischief across the landscape of Litalia to the imperilled city of Calvino, (b) the journey of the reader through a cunning medley of Calvinoesque incidents and situations. Although it's a sequel to 'The Astral Disruptor' it is also a stand-alone adventure and can be purchased from Amazon here for the grand price of $1.34 (that's a massive 86p in British money).

Wow; sounds great! Is it in a similar vein to Twisthorn Bellow? It sounds like it! If so, will buy this for sure!
It's not really much like Twisthorn, to be honest... At least I don't think it is (but who am I to judge?)
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