Tuesday, November 08, 2011


Book Cover Needed

Any artists out there who would like to try to create a cover for my next ebook? I can't offer much payment, I'm afraid, just a small percentage of the meagre profits. Best to think of it as a minor amusement rather than a major step forward in your artistic career. But who knows? It might get seen by the right people... The ebook in question is called Young Tales of the Old Cosmos and is a comedy featuring anthropomorphised celestial bodies, so the cover should feature either planets, moons, stars or galaxies (or a mixture) with faces and expressions. Email me if you are interested. Thanks!

Update (9th November): I've had a couple of positive responses, one from Tony Lovell who already did the cover for Flash in the Pantheon; but I want to give some other artist a chance, so I turned him down (despite his excellence). I am currently waiting to see what a fellow named Gonzalo Canedo can come up with...

New update (10th November): Somebody by the name of Kendal Obermeyer sent me a sketch of planets with whimsical expressions that is very promising. I'll wait to see if Gonzalo produces something equally suitable; if he does I may have to use both covers on two different ebooks, the second perhaps a sequel to the first!

i've got some feelers going out...i'll let you know if i grasp any titties
I'm sure you will, George, you Texan rascal!
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