Sunday, November 13, 2011


It's a Shoe-Fire Thing!

The limited hardback copies of The Brothel Creeper sold quite well. The publisher reported himself pleased; but then sales ground to a halt just before the print run was completely sold out. So the cunning devil has proposed an offer to help shift them. Anyone who buys one of the few remaining hardbacks will get a paperback copy free. This offer is mainly directed at those bibliophiles who prefer to keep limited edition books pristine.

Alternatively you might be the kind of reader who does odd things with books. This photo is a demonstration of how a Brothel Creeper hardback might be utilised as a brothel creeper shoe. Just for the record, the book used in this demonstration is signed copy #30 and will be sold separately as a "royale with cheese". If you are interested in obtaining one of the other remaining copies, please buy from the publisher directly at this location and mention that you are claiming the special offer.

If you already bought the hardback and feel put out by this offer, I can compensate you by giving you two free ebooks (The Tellmenow Isitsöornot and Flash in the Pantheon). But if you already bought those ebooks or don't like ebooks I'll give you a free copy of my first print book next year. How about that?

I've been meaning to get more of your books and this is the perfect excuse. Bought via paypal and £21 well spent in my opinion. Looking forward to re acquainting myself with your work.
Thanks! This is very kind of you... £21 does seem a tad expensive, though... Do you have a Kindle or other electronic reading device? If so I can give you a free ebook, if you like (if you don't I'll try to include something else).
Just followed the link. £18 plus £3 for postage. Got an email confirming the order and that the books would arrive separately. I'm still in two minds about ebooks. I have kindle on my PC but I haven't taken to the layout and operation of it, and have hardly used it.
In that case, I'll include some other (paper) book in the package. I'll send it this afternoon...
Just confirming receipt of hardback number 27. The Andrew Hook book wasn't necessary but gratefully received.

I've also just ordered Twisthorn Bellow from Atomic Fez to sample your longer works.
Thanks! I'm hoping you haven't read the Andrew Hook book already? If you haven't, you're in for a treat. It's really rather special...

And thanks for ordering Twisthorn Bellow. That must be one of the very last copies left (I think there are only about 6 left in the UK and none elsewhere). Hope you enjoy it!
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