Friday, December 16, 2011


The World Idiot

Courtesy of Gloomy Seahorse Press, I'm pleased to announce that my latest ebook is now available from Smashwords.

With a delightful cover by Kendal Obermeyer, The World Idiot and Other Absurdlings features 15 short-stories selected from the past two decades of my writing career, including the award-nominated 'Rediffusion'.

It costs $2.99 and can be purchased directly here.

The more observant amongst you may have noticed that I'm self-publishing a lot of ebooks lately. This is my fourth so far (and the last of this year). I plan to release one Gloomy Seahorse Press ebook every month for a year; so there will be 12 in total. My hope is to use any profits I receive from these ebooks to pay for an airfare out of Britain; the more ebooks I sell, the higher the profits, and hence the further I'll be able to travel! At the moment I've only earned enough to take me to France or Spain.

Sending you best wishes for a Happy Christmas, and all best wishes for the New Year; may your writing bring you success and line your pockets with well-deserved wealth!

Are you expecting anything nice for christmas? I got some batteries last year, some tea-towels and a calender with pictures of dogs on every page (it was a 2004 calender, but it's the thought that counts).

As I always get rubbish presents for Christmas (socks and batteries), I've spent as bit of money buying some presents for myself! namely; a pair of stout, slip-on rubber galoshes for my shoes and a Space: 1999 annual (circa 1976) from ebay.

Hope you have a fab Christmas; Happy New Year and all the best for 2012!
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