Wednesday, December 07, 2011


Worming the Electronic Harpy

Courtesy of Ray Russell, the guiding light of Tartarus Press, my very first book, Worming the Harpy, is now available as an ebook.

Suitable for the Kindle and other such gadgets, it can be purchased from a variety of places including the British Amazon; the American Amazon (which includes a 'Come Look Inside' feature because they are more advanced than we are); the German Amazon; the French Amazon; the Italian Amazon and the Spanish Amazon. About the only place it's not available is in the Brazilian Amazon, which is a forest, not a bookstore. However, just because it's available at all those different Amazons doesn't mean it's available in all those languages. Not yet anyway.

Now let's consider the matter of Ray Russell himself. What can we say about him? Well, for a start, Ray Russell is not only the guiding light of Tartarus Press. He is not only himself: a Ray Russell. He's also a Ray of Sunshine. In fact he's the Rey of Sunshine: the Sun-King himself! Here is pictorial evidence of my assertion! And yet, even as we fall to our knees, we should "...remember how much black there is in the sun." (Jean-Paul Sartre).

Ladies, Gentlemen and Sun-Worshippers! I give you: Worming the Electronic Harpy!

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