Saturday, January 14, 2012


Facets of Faraway

My latest ebook is now available from Smashwords. Tales of distant places, other times and strange beings, somewhere under the rainbow way down low... Incompetent explorers; knights, goddesses and viscounts that don't exist (but who are stuck in trees anyway); castles that give birth to baby fortresses; anti-matter monsters that meet and greet their twins; robots in lingerie; and a scientist who believes that all the energy in the universe is draining away through a hole in spacetime and who has a cunning plan to plug the leak!

For the price of $2.99 (that's £1.95 in British money) this cornucopia of delights can be yours, provided you have electronic reading apparatus. If you don't, you'll just have to imagine the stories instead! Here's the relevant link: Facets of Faraway. Includes the only two stories I've written in 2012 so far, and plenty of unpublished or hard to find stuff from previous years. If you buy this ebook, thanks! If you don't, no worries!

This is my fifth self-published ebook. I plan to release one every month until there are 12 in existence. The 12th will be a selection from the other 11. (Just in case you're curious about my intentions in this regard...)

Reading 'Twisthorn Bellow' was an unbelievable experience for me...
How kind of you to make that comment! I'm having another novel in a similar style (but even madder, I think) published sometime in 2012 called *The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange*. I'll post details heer when it's ready... But thanks again!
Don't mention it; I'm a huge fan of your work!

I think you'll agree that there has never been a better time to be a Rhysaurus fan, so I was thinking; why don't you start up a Rhysaurus fan club?

For a modest membership fee, your fans could receive a monthly newsletter containing exciting Rhysaurus information and a monthly Rhysaurus cooking recipe (for example, Rhysaurus egg fried-rice, Rhysaurus 'bubble and squeak...)! The newsletter could also contain fascinating Rhysaurus  opinions on current events and shoes.

How about a Rhysaurus fan club on-line shop? You could produce a calendar where every month has a photo of you wearing a different type of hat (sometimes worn at a jaunty angle, sometimes not...); for example, January could have a photo of you wearing a Homburg, February a Bowler, March a Picklehaube-you get the idea, I'm sure! Or how about Rhysaurus basebal caps? Or T-Shirts? For example, a Twisthorn Bellow T-Shirt with the slogan 'Rhysaurus Twists My Bellow!' written on the front!

A Rhysaurus fan club would be an unbelievable experience for me, and I'm sure that your fans would be 'over the moon' if you started one!
Heh heh!
First things first, I want an iphone too...
Will Rhysop's Fables be appearing on Smashwords, or is it to remain Kindle only?
Good question. If I'm allowed to put it on Smashwords too, I'll do that. But I'll have to check what rights and stuff I "signed away" at Amazon first...
Hello Ed. If you're still interested in knowing the answer to your question, then I can say that yes, *Rhysop's Fables* will be appearing on Smashwords in early February. It will cost $2.99 but will be free to anyone who purchased *The Tellmenow Isitsoornot*.

My March ebook will consist of stories that have never appeared anywhere else before (not even in obscure magazines) and it will be called *The Lunar Tickle*. It'll also cost $2.99 on its own but will be free to anyone who has bought *The Tellmenow Isitsoornot*, *The World Idiot* or *Facets of Faraway...

I think that's fair. Or fairish...
That's good news indeed, Rhys. And freebies are always good :)
The way I'll do this is by generating a coupon for *Rhysop's Fables* when it appears and then writing the code of the coupon (with an explanatory note) at the end of *The Tellmenow Isitsoornot* and re-uploding that earlier book. Anyone who has already bought it can upload the new version for free, get the code and get the fables book... Er, this sounds more complicated than it actually is!
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