Friday, January 20, 2012


Free to Some of You...

Thanks to everyone who has bought one of my self-issued ebooks over the past four months! A handful of stories appear in more than one ebook (for example 'Goblin Sunrise', 'The Porcelain Pig', 'Sir Cheapskate', etc) . This isn't an oversight but due to the fact that some stories work in different ways in different contexts.

However, because of these occasional overlaps, people who buy every one of my ebooks are going to end up paying for certain stories twice; so my next ebook will have no overlaps and I'll make sure it's free to readers who have bought at least one of my other ebooks. I'll set up a code for you to get it for free. It'll be out in February but I don't yet know what it'll be called, maybe The Lunar Tickle.

Might even be 3 or 4 times if we have them in printed volumes as well.
Hmmm... true.
Well then, I'll make sure that my next ebook only contains stuff that has never appeared anywhere before; and it will be free to anyone who has bought any of my other ebooks.
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