Friday, February 03, 2012


Fabulous February!

Hmm, this is a little bit more complicated than I had anticipated. Because I uploaded Rhysop's Fables to Amazon first and naively opted to enroll the book in something called 'KDP Select' (which allows readers to borrow it library-style) I find that I'm legally obliged not to digitally publish the same book anywhere else. So I've had to unpublish Rhysop's Fables from Smashwords, alter the contents and upload it as a different book.

So instead of announcing that Rhysop's Fables is now ready for download from Smashwords I must announce that Fables of Rhysop is available instead! The contents of this book are different from the Amazon version. The 150 fables (which is what the book is really about) are exactly the same; but the extra short stories aren't. I think that's all above board.

The offer concerning my earlier ebook, The Tellmenow Isitsöornot, still stands. If you buy that ebook for $4.99 you'll get Fables of Rhysop for free; just go to the end of the bigger book to find the relevant code that enables a free download of the smaller book. Alternatively you might just want the fables for $2.99. If that's the case then you can get it from Smashwords right here. Hope you enjoy!

Couldn't you have just opted out of the loan thingy? I've joined that too but no-one has borrowed any yet, they are cheap enough to buy anyway. Have you loaned any?
Alas no, it seems to be the case that once you've opted in you can't opt out for a few months... Ah well! Silly me!
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