Thursday, March 08, 2012


Limited Brothel Creeper - Last Available Copies

It was exactly one year ago that The Brothel Creeper was published and five large boxes turned up at my house containing one hundred hardback books. And now, there are a total of FOUR remaining. Books I mean, not boxes! Here they are.

Selling only 96 in 12 months isn't so good really; it works out as one sale every 4 days; but then again, I am quite obscure despite my efforts to be less so, and the publisher has announced himself as pleased, so who am I to grumble? And to be honest, the paperback is cheaper.

But some people prefer hardbacks, especially when they are signed limited editions. If I had more money than I do, and a place to keep them safe, I might also be a proper book collector. Maybe one day in the future... Anyway, here's your last chance to buy one of the few remaining copies. It will cost you £15 (approx €18 or $24) for the book, but you'll have to fork out extra for postage, I'm afraid.

I'll pass on 50% of the earnings to my publisher and keep the rest for myself. Who knows, I might make a massive £30 out of this: enough to repair my bicycle!

If you would like to buy a copy choose the correct postage option from the drop-down list below:

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