Thursday, March 15, 2012


My Most Self-Centred Blog Post Ever!

This is going to be my most self-centred blog post so far. This is necessary to establish a reference point for other blog posts. Mind you, I've always been a bit bewildered by the term 'self-centred'. It's used as a term of pop psych abuse, but when you think about it, it's rather a weird insult. "You, sir, are self-centred!"

Yes, I am centred in myself. Where else is my self supposed to be? It can hardly be centred outside myself, can it? That's called being a ghost. And it can't be centred inside anyone else. That's called possession. My self is, oddly enough, centred in myself. And I suspect the same is true for you.

Even if my self did manage to be located elsewhere, then surely that would simply create a new centre for it? So I would still be self-centred, the same way that a caravan can be moved from place to place and still be called 'home', provided the occupants go with it, of course.

Anyway, the reason why this is my most self-centred blog post ever is because it's a graded list of interviews with me. Yes, you heard right. Interviews with me, arranged in order of best to worst. Imagine that! Well, you don't need to imagine it because here it is for real...

(I'm happy with the following; I regard them as giving an accurate portrayal of what I think and believe and am, irrespective of whether the impression I make is good or bad. This is me to the best of my ability.)

(1) An interview for
Bibliomancy conducted by Jason E. Rolfe...This interview is presented inside the framing-device of a story that has been manufactured from various scanerios in several of my own stories. To do this successfully required the interviewer to be extremely familiar with my work, more so than most interviewers have shown themselves to be. Of all the interviews I have ever given, this is almost certainly my favourite.

(2) A three-part interview for the
AmeriCymru website. In the third part, I reverse normal convention and ask the reader questions. And readers answered, some of them at least...

(3) An interview for a website specialising in
horrifically horrifying horror fiction. Yes, I know I'm not a horror writer. Too bad.

(4) With
Anthony Brockway, Welsh cultural expert. Of all the interviews I have ever given, this is the one most often linked to.

(These are fairly representative of me too, but maybe don't capture everything I had hoped to say when the questions were asked.)

(5) With the Italian publishing company
40K. I like being published in Italy. This interview is in English, though.

(6) For
Thomas Ligotti Online, a forum where devotees of the writer gather. They are a decent bunch of people and tolerant of my contrarian nature and this is one of the few forums where I haven't flounced off in disgust (or been kicked off).

(7) On behalf of the publishing company
Atomic Fez. This isn't a bad interview but it's not a great interview either.

(8) For the
Crawley WordFest. It's a bit thin, this interview. I'm not thin. I need to lose five kilos in fact.

(These turn my cheeks red. Either the interviewers didn't really understand what I was saying or, in the case of the very last one, I sound like a pillock)

(9) With
Steve Redwood. He interviewed me when I was in Spain. The interview is quite subjective in the sense that the interviewer makes assumptions about me that aren't right. But I would say that, wouldn't I?

(10) For
Cafe Babel. So inaccurate that it's mainly wrong. The interviewer either misheard my answers or (I suspect) forgot them and made them up later. I am not, nor ever have been, a fan of Tolkien.

(11) For
Jeff VanderMeer... The very first interview I ever gave! I had waited years to be interviewed and was bursting with stuff to say! And I said it all badly! I was too excited. As a consequence, I come over a pompous twit, and frankly I cringe when I read some of my answers. Not that the answers are substantially different from my answers to similar questions in other interviews but my tone is just so nauseatingly pompous. There really is no other word for it...

There have been other interviews with me, but none of them are online. I was interviewed on Portuguese TV a few years back, but I can't find the relevant link to that footage. And I have been interviewed in newspapers and magazines.

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