Saturday, March 31, 2012


Sangria as an Ebook

Sangria in the Sangraal is now available as an ebook. The hardcover deluxe edition is still available and if you are a collector with a healthy bank balance, that's the one I recommend you buy, for the sake of the publisher who put his faith in it. I suspect the book has sold less well than many other Ex Occidente titles, for the simple reason that it has been mostly marketed at readers who prefer dark fiction and Sangria isn't especially dark. It's more like the white half of the taijitu symbol of the Taoist philosophy, with only a speck of black inside it; although that speck does represent an entire hemisphere of darkness that isn't present and which contains its own speck of white. Alternatively, I might say that Sangria in the Sangraal is crepuscular rather than nocturnal.

As you can see, the ebook has a different title. Tucked Away in Aragon was the original title for this story-cycle; I have reverted to it simply for the sake of variety. The book consists of 10 linked stories that cover one thousand years of the make-believe history of a real place that certainly seems to have more than a touch of magic about it. The ebook is available for $3.99 from Smashwords here. Or if you prefer to buy your ebooks from Amazon (as so many readers do) then it's also available there by clicking on this link. Hope you enjoy!

(A new review of this book has just gone online at the excellent Bibliomancy website courtesy of Jason Rolfe.)

Rhys, I'm currently working on a review of Sangria. For those who haven't read it, the story "The Spare Hermit" is worth the price of the book all by itself. In my humble opinion it's Rhys' best! I have the Ex Occidente version and it is (naturally) a beautiful book. If you're a book collector it's a great one to have, but if you're a story collector, the eBook won't disappoint!
Thanks so much for this, Jason! I really appreciate your review of my book!!
And here's the review in question:
Sangria Review
Rhys, I enjoyed the book so much my review likely slipped from critical assessment to completely biased raving, but I can't stress enough the awesomeness of these stories. Not only are they worth reading once, they're worth reading again and again. Whether the book is electronic, or beautifully bound by Ex Occidente, it's an absolute treasure. You have this incredible (not to mention unique) ability to transport the reader to worlds that can't possibly exist (but possibly do!) with such ease. They say the key to writing fantastic fiction is convincing readers to suspend their disbelief, but your work simply discards that equation entirely - like the fantastic is so much easier to believe than the reality...I can keep going. I'm good at raving...
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