Monday, April 30, 2012


Third Thornton Excelsior Medley

The third (and final) medley of stories featuring my character Thornton Excelsior can now be read for free, courtesy of Theaker's Quarterly Fiction #40, which has just been released into this mad bad sad glad world of ours...

'The Delusions and Tangents of Thornton Excelsior' consists of seven linked (but not by normal logic) absurdist adventures featuring household ears, juiced days, reversed commas, weather-powered men, corn-on-the-cob labyrinths, oceanic plugholes and villages with very very very very very very very very very very very very very very long names.

TFQ #40 is available in a variety of formats, as a PDF file, for the Kindle, etc; or you can order it as a proper paperback book from Lulu (but why she has taken this responsibility upon herself defeats me; doubtless it has something to do with the locomotion). If you're interested in any of these formats, please click on this link. And enjoy! Or don't enjoy, if you prefer!

I prefer Little Eva's Locomotion.
I've never tried hers, Des. I heard she's got a one-track mind, though, if that's of any help...
Little Eva's version was the one being played when I went to my first youth club.
I look forward to reading the new set of Thornton Excelsior stories and I plan to real-time review the fiction in TQF#40. I've bought the Lulu version.
You are a massive star, Des! A star as large as Ras Algethi! That's all I'm going to say...
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