Friday, May 04, 2012


Jenny Khan

The Spring issue of the BFS (British Fantasy Society) Journal is now out, just a little late. Production values are very high, so it was worth the wait. Amongst a variety of stories, articles, interviews and features, it contains the first chapter of my novel-in-progress The Young Dictator. When I write novels I often try to make each separate chapter a standalone piece. So this first chapter, entitled 'Jenny Khan' can be read as a short story in its own right.

So far I have completed four chapters of The Young Dictator ('Jenny Khan', 'Genghis Kan't', 'Caterpillar the Hun' and 'Owl Scared of the Dark') and I have two more left to write ('The Cat that Chilled the Scene' and 'Moonmoths, Umbrellas and Oranges'). I am finding it fun but difficult to write, partly because I have set myself the task of using much more straightforward and simple language than is my normal inclination.

As far as I'm aware, the only official way to get hold of the BFS Journal is to join the British Fantasy Society. Personally I'm not the joining type, but if you are a writer or just a fan of fantasy and related genres you may find that the benefits of membership make the fee worthwhile.

My review of 'Jenny Khan': HERE for any interested in my ramblings. :)
Much obliged, Des! I love your real-time reviews. Having attempted one myself I appreciate how tricky they can be!

*The Young Dictator* is progressing more slowly than I anticipated. I thought the novel would be ready by the end of March, but the end of May seems a more realistic finish date now!
The artwork on the cover looks three-dimensional in your photograph...
That's because I stuck a red nose on the front of the book... Only joking. I didn't stick it. It grew there by itself...
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