Friday, June 08, 2012


The Grin is Grinning at You!!

Have you ever watched a ram in the sea? Have you ever witnessed a ewe in a pond? Pretty damn impressive, aren't they? But they are nothing compared to the dark woolliness of a lamb in a lake, swimming like a champion in pursuit of a canoe. Well, Lamblake Heinz is the ultimate souped-up lamb in a lake! And he's back!

Yes, the definitive Lamblake Heinz collection is now available as an ebook from Smashwords! Short stories! Novelettes and novellas! Articles and poetry and novel extracts! It's all here. And it only costs $1.99, which is about £1 in British money. Imagine that!

This ebook includes a Foreword by the great James Sherbert, an Interview between Lamblake and M. John Horrorson and two Afterwords by me (I can't refer to myself in the third person because that would make me a twonky). And if that hasn't convinced you to fork out, then let me announce that all profits from this collection will go to charity, to Animal Aid. So you will be doing a good deed by buying it!

If you think you can give this book a review, then get in touch as I'm in a position to give you a free copy. The point of this project it to have some scary fun and also to raise £100 for charity. That's my goal. With your help it can be done!

The relevant link for this awesome book can be found here. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Thanks in advance! And also in reverse!

I think I may be a twonky or hackling or weirdminger... :(
Could this be the best book cover ever? I think so!

That monkey looks like an absolute rotter...
" absolute rotter!"
I love that! It reminds me of Steve Jones on the Bill Grundy show in 1976. "What a fucking rotter!"
Quite a strange comment for a 1970s youth to make... a mere 40 years out of date!

Des: I don't know about any of that, but I do know that you are an important short-story writer.
I'll review it if you like.
By all means, please do so.
Forgive me, I'm still waiting for the review copy.
Email me at:
and I'll email you back with the code-coupon.
...and in the meantime, here's a free sample story...
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