Monday, June 04, 2012


Lamblake is Coming!

Yes! Oh yes! He's coming soon!

The Grin of the Doll Who Ate his Mother's Face in the Dark and Other Dreadful Tales now has enough material to make it a viable collection. Lots of formatting work to do before it gets released but that shouldn't take too long. Any additional material that anyone 'finds' can go into the separate Amazon edition.

Feel free to join the Lamblake Heinz group on Facebook if gentle mockery of horror writing doesn't bother you... Members will get the ebook for free when it is released... But if gentle mockery of horror writing does bother you, then put your mind at rest. It's not gentle really...

Today is the last day to read the title story of this collection for FREE... It's coming down tomorrow... Get your peepers in quick! To read it, click on this link.

There has been plenty of excitement about this collection. "Is it awesome?" I have been asked. Oh yes! It's like a meteorite made of cheese! That's how awesome it is! And that's a flipping promise!

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