Sunday, July 29, 2012


Crystal Cosmos Ebook

My SF novella The Crystal Cosmos has just been turned into an ebook and released by PS Publishing. This novella was originally issued as a hardback in 2007 with a lovely introduction by the wonderful Michael Bishop.

The print version contained some typos, so I was pleased to be able to correct those mistakes for the electronic edition. Here it is! It's a cosmological and ontological romp featuring the discovery of a Ptolemaic/Keplerian solar-system made from diamond.

Think Ian Watson, Barrington Bayley and Stanislaw Lem in an interstellar trireme rowing for their lives between the Scylla of absurdity and the Charybdis of philosophy. At least, that's the effect I was trying to create!

This ebook costs the astronomical sum of £1.99 and can be purchased direct from PS Publishing by clicking on this link.

Oh yes, I forgot to say: it's 26,000 words long, in case you're wondering.
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