Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Lamblake on the Big Screen

The horror writer Ramsey Campbell has gamely offered to review the Lamblake Heinz ebook. Why he wants to review this spoof collection instead of my wholly serious horror volume from last year, The Brothel Creeper, is slightly baffling to me, but that's the way the world works. Possibly he believes that 'Lamblake Heinz' is a parody of himself and wants to check out his style; or it could just be that he has a playful sense of humour. Lamblake Heinz has very little to do with Ramsey Campbell, of course, apart from the mutations of his personal name and the title of his ebook.

That was a short film made by Gonzalo Canedo, the brilliant artist who created the cover of Lamblake's ebook. Who would have imagined that Mr Heinz would ever make it to the silver screen?

Lamblake's ebook is still available from Smashwords. More details can be found there. Or try a free story as a sample first by clicking here. It's all for Animal Aid, folks! Enough money has now been raised to enable the bandaging of an aardvark's nose, if necessary! Keep up the good work...

Hello there Rhysaurus!

I love the Lamblake Heinz video on YouTube! I'm a huge fan of yours, and I am building quite a respectable library of your work!

Being such a big Rhysaurus fan, it stands to reason that I spend a lot of time wondering what your favourite sandwich filling is; as a child, I was very keen on cheese and pickle, followed by egg mayonnaise, but was particularly averse to fish paste.

I also wondered if you have a preference for either soft rolls or crusty rolls? Does the filling determine your choice?

Thank you so much for all of your great work; I truly believe that you are the king of contemporary Welsh fiction; long may you reign!

All the best...
Thanks. I went on a sandwich course once, but it turned out to have nothing to do with edible sandwiches. It was engineering for crusts and mathematics as a filling.

As for the more domestic kind of sandwich: when I was a child I was a slavish devotee of jam as a filling, especially strawberry or raspberry. However after reading the 'Doctor Who' novelisation of *The Daemons* in which one of the characters (a doomed policeman) specifies apricot as his favourite jam, I whimsically adopted that flavour as my own favourite.

Much later I fell under the spell of cucumber (with onion and chilli). It's a spell I have been under ever since.

I'm a crusty roll man. Soft rolls just don't feel right.
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