Wednesday, August 08, 2012


The Truth has Arrived!

Two days ago I received a copy of my book The Truth Spinner through the post and I'm delighted by the way it looks. It's my 22nd book but I'm just as excited as when I saw my very first book seventeen years ago! Well, maybe not quite that excited, but the unadulterated childlike joy hasn't worn off for me, not yet, not yet...

I really like the design and the fact that the print is big, which means that readers won't have to squint to read it, unlike some of my earlier books.

The Truth Spinner is the first to be published of the five best books I have written (in my view anyway). The next will hopefully be out in September or October; and the other three sometime after that, maybe in 2013... Our best work is always ahead of us, never behind!!

I have added this title to my Aardvark Caesar site. The Truth Spinner features 18 linked stories collected into three sections, and as I've said before I think it's the best introduction to my work so far. But ultimately that's not for me to judge, of course. It's currently available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble and many other retailers, or direct from the publisher, Wildside Press.

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