Friday, August 03, 2012


Zwicky Fingers

My latest ebook is now available. This is my 10th self-published ebook. I always said there would be twelve in total and I still think that's a neat number. The character of Zwicky Fingers came from nowhere. He's a giant fruit bat detective with some dragon, harpy and human genes; and he is often consulted by the police when they need help solving paradoxical, absurdist or impossible crimes.

For more details or to purchase this ebook, please look at the relevant webpage on Smashwords or on Amazon. The excellent cover is by the artist Chris Harrendence. The book consists of ten tales (or 'cases'), one for each finger of a strange hand (or for all the fingers of two normal hands), and features such dastardly villains as Mr Hyde and Dr Seek, the Sock Camels, the Haggler of Affection, Mungo Trumpet, Tockless Slockley the nose thief, and many others...

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