Sunday, September 30, 2012


Coasting Along

After years of trying I finally managed to reach Paviland Cave yesterday. This is the site of the first human 'fossil' ever found (a paleolithic body 33,000 years old) by William Buckland in 1823. It had been buried with a mammoth tusk. Before this discovery, the concept of the 'caveman' simply hadn't existed.

Perhaps this was the first moment that the story of Adam and Eve began to be seriously doubted.

The coastline of the Gower between Rhossili and Port Eynon is one of the most spectacular in South Wales. There are lots of bays and coves and inlets that are quite inaccessible. To get to the 'beach' where Paviland Cave is located requires some nimble rock hopping and an awareness of the tide (unless you don't mind getting cut off for many hours).

After visiting this cave I went on the search for Culver Hole, a curious structure that I had heard about but never seen with my own eyes. It turned out to be even stranger and more impressive than I imagined. No one really knows what the purpose of this edifice is, but I've heard various suggestions, including a dove cote and a place where smugglers kept their contraband hidden.

The only access to the entrance is up a ropy rope. After making the attempt, I retired as gracefully as a gorilla and went to the Port Eynon chilli festival to recover. I was pleased to obtain a ghost chilli (or naga bhut jolokia), supposedly the hottest chilli in the world, which I intend to eat tonight, with potentially volcanic consequences...

Now then... I require your help! The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange requires a certain number of pre-orders in order to be respectable. So far it has acquired one quarter of that number, so it clearly needs a boost. To pre-order your signed limited edition of this book (my best novel, I reckon!) please click on this link where you will find details about the book and a paypal button. Everyone who pre-orders gets mentioned in the book itself as a spectator to the gladiatorial battles that form a crucial part of the text. Thanks!!

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