Thursday, September 13, 2012


My 666th Story

Today is the fourth day of the Stringent Strange Auction, but I'm taking a break from talking about that to report that this very morning I finished writing my 666th short story. I must be some kind of beast! Attaining this total means I am exactly 2/3rds through my life's work. It has taken twenty-three years. The magical story in question wasn't the one I had planned it to be, but a different piece entirely. It is still about climbing though! I seem to be utterly obsessed with the sport at the moment!

It's called 'The Realisation of Vast Headgear' and tells the tale of how Mummery Tumble tried to climb to the top of the mighty Zen Bonce by using a snake as a rope...

Anyway, the most famous "beast" associated with the number 666 was Aleister Crowley, of course. Crowley was a daring and determined climber in his youth. Here we see him in a magical (or magickal) hat. To mark the occasion I decided to adopt similar garb. Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, I give you: the Teapot Crowley! "Brew what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law." "Every man and every woman is a biscuit suitable for dunking."

If you are disappointed that the run of gladiators seems to have come to a premature end, soothe your brows! They will resume tomorrow. And you can even regard this photo as representing the style of gladiator known as the "spellbinder". You may still bid in the auction, and the way things stand at present your bid only needs to be $25 to secure yourself a place as a gladiator in my novel. Check out the publisher's website for more details.


"exactly 2/3rds"!? Is this a first subtle hint that your 1000th story will, itself, be fictional?
Well spotted, Alyxandr!
My 1000th story will be a gladiatorial fight between ALL the characters of the previous 999 stories. I have no idea who will win: that will be determined by the roll of (many) dice.
So really that 1000th story won't be a 'proper' story as such, but a sort of (long) coda to all the others!
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