Sunday, September 23, 2012


Stop the Badger Cull

The government of the United Kingdom is preparing to embark upon a cull of badgers. Supposedly this is to reduce the spread of Bovine TB, but in fact the scientific evidence in favour of a cull for this reason is inadequate. The proposed cull is therefore pointless as well as cruel, and it seems to be a bizarre political decision rather than an objective one. Fortunately a high-profile campaign has been launched by Team Badger to protest and halt the cull. What it requires is your signature... If you live in the UK, please consider adding your name to this e-petition. So far the petition has collected 88,794 signatures. The more the better! Click on this link to help save this beautiful and innocent animal! Thanks.

Meanwhile, this is the last blog post of my 45th year. Tomorrow I'll be 46. How did that happen? Yesterday I celebrated my birthday early by going climbing in Mewslade Bay. I have started to improve, I think. I also went swimming and had the joy of facing waves bigger than myself.

Today I will be getting back into writing... I have written the first of the special gladiator scenes, a furious battle against Beatrix Potter, and now I need to crack on with the other six. This should all be done and dusted at the end of the coming week; and with luck it won't be too long before The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange is a real book; I mean a physical object that can be slotted into an empty space on a bookshelf.

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