Friday, September 14, 2012


Strange Auction: Day Five

Day Five of the auction is here already. Remember that the auction ends on Sunday and you won't be allowed to make a bid in the last hour unless you have already made one bid...

There have been six bids so far, which means that there are sufficient gladiators for the project. However, I personally don't think the publisher should be allowed to be one. Anyone out there willing to bid $41 or more in order to knock him off the list??

It's all for charity folks! How about all those publishers who still owe me money? You know who you are. Why not make a bid instead? It's for charity. And you get to be in a novel...

To make that crucial bid, please visit the relevant Meteor House webpage.

Today's featured gladiator is the type known as the "broom broom". Mounted on a trusty mechanical steed he is lightly armed but combines speed with an ability to sweep opponents off their feet!

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