Saturday, September 15, 2012


Strange Auction: Day Six

Tomorrow is the last day of this auction. Please bear this fact in mind! It ends at 10 PM eastern time on  Sunday 16th. I have no idea what 'eastern time' is. Is it that time when one wears a turban, eats dates and opens little bottles with genies in them? Maybe you know more about it than I do...

Anyway, this means that today is the penultimate day. I'm pleased to report that the total raised has now broken the $500 mark. I have made a bold and rash offer: if total money raised exceeds $666 by the end of this auction, I will do my next rock climb stark naked!!

To make a bid please visit the Meteor House website auction page.

The style of gladiator that we see depicted today is the "electro". He can generate almost 5 amps with his hot sex action! His lightning bolt is one of the most feared weapons in the arena!

Herman Hesse used to climb in the nude.
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