Sunday, September 02, 2012


Walrus Tales

Many years ago (I think it was back in 2005) I was asked to contribute to a forthcoming anthology of walrus-themed fiction. I wrote a story about a walrus, a mermaid, an inventor, a group of bohemians and a giant spoon that was also a canoe and a catapult. I sent the story to the editor and it was accepted for publication. One thing about the writing world that newcomers often don't appreciate is how frequently projects fail to come to fruition. A really great idea might be mooted for an anthology; stories might be solicited, written, accepted and paid for; a cover might be created by a talented artist; all the preliminary promotional work might be done by the publisher; but something will fail somewhere along the line and the book never appears. This is an occupational hazard. I had assumed that Walrus Tales was another damp squib, but to my surprise it has suddenly appeared, a mere seven years after I was first approached to contribute! My copy arrived through the mail a few days ago. It's a delightful little book with a truly quirky theme and an eclectic set of contributors.

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