Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Brain Overload

So much to do! Brain overload alert! If you have submitted something to the Winter issue of Sein Und Werden and are wondering why I haven't responded yet, rest assured I'll reply before the end of this week... I have been rather busy lately...

I've just finished turning my rare first edition copy of Maurice Richardson's Exploits of Engelbrecht into an eBook that should be available soon, thanks to the permission of Richardson's daughter and the enthusiasm of Pete Crowther. More about this when I know more...

I am also putting together two new books, a big volume of tribute stories to authors I admire called The Senile Pagodas; and a new collection entitled Troubleroot and Other Tangled Tales... Plus I am writing short-stories for another possible future collection and I have recently resumed work on a novella called '500 Eyes' that I started decades ago; it's a Candide-style satire but as weird as I can possibly go; I intend to crack it at long last!

I am also planning a series of interviews with a small number of important writers, including Alexei Panshin and A.A. Attanasio (I also intend to ask Ian Watson, Brian Aldiss and Michael Moorcock and several others.)

And I'm also writing so-called 'deleted scenes' for The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange. This book still needs pre-orders! If you want to pre-order it, with or without your own 'deleted scene', please click on this link to the publisher's website.

Don't forget to sign the petition to stop the cruel badger cull, if you haven't already done so!

In my spare time I go climbing. Two days ago I climbed in Three Cliffs Bay again, as can be seen from this photo...

Hi there Rhysaurus!

Just in case you haven't heard, just announced on The Guardian website that the badger cull has been suspended until summer 2013; let's hope that it's dropped altogether!
GREAT NEWS! Thanks for letting me know.
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