Friday, November 02, 2012


Ten Tributes to Calvino

My latest ebook is a set of ten stories written as tributes to the great Italian author, Italo Calvino, who is certainly my favourite fiction writer. The contents include four stories that have never appeared anywhere else before. The other six have appeared at various times in various places, mainly in obscure anthologies.

Not included here is 'City of Blinks', a tribute story to Calvino that will appear next year in The Senile Pagodas, a big book of twenty tribute stories to fiction writers I admire. A complete list of the authors who get a tribute story in that book can be found here. I have written dozens of tribute stories to Calvino; and even when I'm not consciously trying to imitate him, I suspect that his influence on my work is profound and unmistakable.

Anyway, Ten Tributes to Calvino can be purchased for the fabulous sum of 99 cents from Smashwords here; or from Amazon for 77 pence here. The cover was done by the wonderful Brankica Bozinovska back in 2007 and is just one of her many luminous artworks.

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