Sunday, December 16, 2012


Merry Mermaid Xmas

Here's my Xmas present to you loyal readers out there! It's not much of a present but that's because I'm a tightwad. Scrooge is one of my heroes... This gift I am giving you is worth a massive 99 cents! Don't fall over each other rushing to get it. But if you do want it, here's the coupon-code to get it for free: PA22L

And the place to get it from is here: The Mermaid Variations.

I know it's a bit early to wish you a Merry Xmas, but so what? Better early than late! Besides, I don't really celebrate Xmas, so think of it as a Winter Solstice present instead. Or don't think of it in any way at all. It's your choice... If you already forked out money to buy this and feel that my giving it away for free now is unfair, email me and I'll give you an alternative ebook for free. Bye!

Oh yes, nearly forgot... The cover depicts a miniature painted shell by Adele Whittle. Check out Tiddu Shop for a selection of her pendants, paintings and other crafts. Too late to buy them for Xmas, probably, but they are the perfect gifts for 2013, the first year after the End of the World.

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