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Manuscripts, Paintings & Drawings for Free

Tallest Stories is going to the printers very soon. It will be published later this month. The first 26 books sold will be 'lettered copies' and will be accompanied by a selection of items that may accumulate in value from 'worthless' to 'priceless', depending on what happens to me and my reputation in years to come; or they may remain worthless. Only time will tell!

A short pre-order period will open on January 5th (tomorrow) at 6:00 PM London time. Click on this link to check out the publisher's webpage relevant to this. Here is a full list of what items will accompany each lettered copy...

(A) Red hardback notebook containing the following 26 stories (title of story followed by title of book they appear in, or will appear in):
* The Mistake (The Just Not So Stories)
* The Violation (Tallest Stories)
* Trenchfoot (not yet placed)
* The Ugliest Idol in Christendom (The Just Not So Stories)
* Moonchaser (not yet placed)
* Discrepancy (Link Arms With Toads!)
* My Biological Prism (The Just Not So Stories)
* The Censor (The Just Not So Stories)
* The Porcelain Pig (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Blue Jewel Fruit (The Just Not So Stories)
* The Tale That Never Got Told (The Just Not So Stories)
* The Integers (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Great Bicycle Migration (The Just Not So Stories)
* The Esplanade (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Rotten Otter (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Ducks of Hazard (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Cheeky Monkey (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Melody Tree (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Notorious Unclemuncher (The Lunar Tickle)
* Read All About It (The Lunar Tickle)
* Putting Things Off (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Canapés of Wrath (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Plug (The Lunar Tickle)
* Fossils (The Lunar Tickle)
* The Tools (Better the Devil: Revised Edition)
* The Locksmith (written especially for the owner of the ‘A’ copy of Tallest Stories)

(B) Slim orange exercise book containing the following 5 stories:
* Climbing the Tallest Tree in the World (Tallest Stories)
* Islands in the Bathtub (Tallest Stories)
* The Television (The Lunar Tickle)
* Butterbrow (The Just Not So Stories)
* The Lock of Love (The Lunar Tickle)

(C) Four loose manuscripts, namely:
* Anton Arctic and the Conquest of the Scottish Pole (Tallest Stories)
* The Mirror in the Looking Glass (Tallest Stories)
* Wood for the Trees (Tallest Stories)
* Gaspar Jangle’s Séance (Tallest Stories)

(D) Three loose manuscripts, namely:
* Encore (Tallest Stories)
* The Crab (Stories From a Lost Anthology)
* Finding the Book of Sand (A New Universal History of Infamy)

(E) Three loose manuscripts, namely:
* The West Pole (Tallest Stories)
* The Innumerable Chambers of the Heart (Link Arms With Toads!)
* The Mice Will Play (The Less Lonely Planet)

(F) Three loose manuscripts, namely:
* All Shapes Are Cretans (Link Arms With Toads!)
* Robin Hood’s New Mother (Stories From a Lost Anthology)
* The Unsubtle Cages (A New Universal History of Infamy)

(G) Two loose manuscripts, namely:
* The Marsh Callow (Stories From a Lost Anthology)
* Accordion Beach (The Less Lonely Planet)

(H) Four drawings, namely:
* The Pizza Demon
* Kojakalhu
* Twisthorn Bellow (with his sword)
* Janrel MacScabbard

(I) Two loose manuscripts, namely:
* The Lake of Flavours
* The Inflatable Stadium

(J) Two loose manuscripts, namely:
* Bitter in Sour
* Shipyards on Saturn

(K) Two loose manuscripts, namely:
* The Lute and the Lamp (Stories From a Lost Anthology)
* All for Nothing

(L) Two loose manuscripts, namely:
* The Gunfight (The Just Not So Stories)
* The Dwarf Shortage (The Just Not So Stories)

(M) Three drawings, namely:
* Petrified Monsters
* Entangled Monsters
* Chimney Monsters

(N) Two loose manuscripts, namely:
* 333 and a Third (Link Arms With Toads!)
* The Apple of My Sky

(O) Green exercise book containing:
* Below the Carnival (The Less Lonely Planet)
* The Cargo Cults of Salty Kiss Island
also: the beginning of *The Silver Necks (Tallest Stories)
and two poems (Monkey From a Cannon and Acrophobia in Acre)
plus the start of one other poem.

(P) Small blue notebook containing:
* The Leveller of Neptune (The Just Not So Stories)

(Q) Two loose manuscripts, namely:
* The Queue (The Lunar Tickle)
* Vanity of Vanities

(R) Two loose manuscripts, namely:
* The Armchair Generals
* The Sweetheart Rosary

(S) One loose manuscript:
* Poorly Dawkins (retitled as Hangfire Bubbler for The Truth Spinner)
plus: very rare limited edition chapbook containing *Cat O’Nine Tales (opening story in Worming the Harpy)

(T) Slim notebook containing:
* Ictus Purr (A New Universal History of Infamy)
plus the openings of *Jellydammerung and *Tin in the Soul (both in Stories From a Lost Anthology)

(U) Three loose manuscripts, namely:
* On the Shoulders of Pipsqueaks
* Buffoons of the Moon
* The Curdling of the Milky Way
(These stories are all linked and appear in Young Tales of the Old Cosmos)

(V) Three loose manuscripts, namely:
* Personification (The Just Not So Stories)
* The Maze (The Lunar Tickle)
* Hatstands on Zanzibar (The Lunar Tickle)

(W) The Advanced Uncorrected Galley of:
Link Arms With Toads!

(X) Two paintings:
* Boris Lovetrap
* Tallest Stories background

(Y) Two paintings:
* Hairless Yeti Bedtime
* Giant Percolator

(Z) One painting: *The Writer
One drawing: *Possible Lives
Last known copy of chapbook The Skeleton of Contention
Last known copy of chapbook The Fanny Fables
plus three handwritten manuscripts:
* Doom it Heavenwards (my 666th story)
* The Days of the Turbans
* The Pig Iron Mouse Dooms the Moon


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