Saturday, January 05, 2013


Tallest Stories: Open for Orders Tonight

Don't forget... Orders for the first 26 'lettered' copies of Tallest Stories will be taken today starting at 6 PM... That's British time, by the way... Free manuscripts, paintings, drawings, etc, with every copy ordered... It's an investment of some sort (not sure what sort yet)! Check out the Eibonvale website for details.

This photo shows the notebook of handwritten stories that will be given away free with letter 'A'. This notebook contains 26 short-stories, including one that appears in Tallest Stories itself and also six out of seven of the 'Hogwash & Bum Note' tales (the same six that appear online here, as it happens).

Nineteen years from original conception to finished book... Don't miss out on this great promotional offer!

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