Saturday, January 26, 2013


Tallest Stories Proof Copy

David Rix of Eibonvale Press (who took this photo) reports that the proof copy of Tallest Stories arrived at his house the other day; so all that remains is for him to go through it looking for any errors we haven't already spotted, and if he doesn't find any he can give the go-ahead to the printers, and then it won't be long before copies are available and I can announce that the book has finally been published!

I'm still searching for extra manuscripts to add to the list of freebies to be given away with the first 26 'lettered' copies. When I have dug up enough material to add at least one item to every letter, I'll post a list of the additional items on this blog. It shouldn't take more than a few more days to find enough stuff. Several of the manuscripts I have recently found date from the early 1990s and include the manuscript of my first published story!

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