Tuesday, February 05, 2013


Tallest Stories Group Photo

I have started mailing out the lettered copies of Tallest Stories to those kind and gracious readers who ordered them. I'm rather bad at making parcels, so it might take a while before all 26 are dispatched, but I'll do my best.

I have problems using sticky tape, wrapping paper and bubblewrap. I can't seem to stop the tape twisting around in mid-air so the sticky side is on the outside and held in place by crisscrosses of other sticky tape; and I can't do straight lines.

Also the tape rips when it's being unwound and one side unwinds faster than the other side and laps it and somehow gets stuck with it and then the thicker half nudges the thinner half off the edge of the tape reel, so there's a length of useless tape with a rat's tail waving in mid air getting stuck to anything in range... Ah well! Maybe I'll get better!

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