Monday, April 15, 2013


Stringent Strange Countdown

Sorry for the delay to everyone who has pre-ordered this book! Various things conspired to keep pushing the launch date back; but now there's definite news. Pre-orders will cease to be taken on the last day of this month.

In other words there are exactly fifteen days left to buy this book. Needless to say, the first print run will be a signed limited edition and the total number of copies will be less than 100. Thereafter there will be a trade paperback.

To pre-order this book (and automatically appear as a spectator in the crucial gladiatorial scene) please visit the website of the publisher, Meteor House, and utilise the order buttons you will find there.


The signed limited edition is sure to accrue in value and be a good investment. And as if that's not sufficient reason to pre-order it... I think it's my funniest novel to date!

Thanks! And sorry again for the delay!

Hello there Rhysaurus!

For my sins, I am currently working in Llanelli, and due to the sheer ghastliness of the train journey, I have taken to listening to 'talking books' on my iPad during my commute.

So this led me to wondering; have you ever considered releasing talking book versions of any of your books?

Sitting on the 9.01a.m. train from Swansea to Llanelli and listening to you reading 'Twisthorn Bellow' would be an unbelievable experience for me...
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