Thursday, May 02, 2013


Apeman Update

My new book The Abnormalities of Stringent Strange is off to the printers very soon. Thanks to everyone for their patience! I conceived this novel at the end of 2009; wrote it in January 2010; sent it to my agent who sat on it for ages and did nothing with it; decided to seek out a publisher on my own and chanced upon the excellent Meteor House, who accepted it. Normally I find self-promotion a bit of a chore but promoting this book has been fun and a chance for some daft photographic experiments...

I could talk about the projects I am currently working on (there are several) or the sales I have made recently (there have been many) but I'll just leave you with an online story called 'Invisible Letters' that has appeared in a new online chapbook (you can order a print version if you prefer). Click on this link. Hope you enjoy!

I'm really looking forward to this one. It seems to me you had fun with this one, which means it should be fun for us readers too!
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