Wednesday, June 05, 2013


Hunting Tories

Why wear a shirt on your torso when you can wear it on your head as a turban instead? This morning I went out with my pet to hunt Tories... The desert winds sang softly, the waters of the oases sparkled like similes... My pet is a trained miniature dragon. A trained miniature dragon is like a falcon with the solitary difference that it's not at all like a falcon... Nonetheless, hunting Tories is a noble pursuit. Some people fear that overhunting will lead to extinction but I really don't think there's any danger of that...

As for other sports, I have got back into climbing, cycling, swimming, etc. The weather has finally been good enough to permit such a lifestyle. I am very grateful to the sun for this! In my next blog entry (or the next but one) I will attempt to create a list of all the possible books of mine that may be published in the near future. I have sold a lot of work recently and if all goes to plan I should be having many books published in the next two or three years. We'll see. In the meantime, why not try hunting some Tories yourself?

The Tories have the money but we have the numbers, we just need the motivation
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