Wednesday, June 26, 2013


The Brandy Cove Giant

Human beings are machines. Some machines are more complex than others. My own physical and mental workings are fairly simple. When summer is here and the sun is shining I'm happy, healthy and motivated; when it's cold and rainy, I am none of those things. Over the past few days the sun has returned to Wales. This means that running, swimming, cycling and (best of all) climbing are feasible again.

I went to Brandy Cove yesterday. There's a rocky outcrop that looks like a carved stone giant. Therefore I have named him the Brandy Cove Giant. Original, eh? Now that he has a proper name he can be climbed.

I also did a bit of slab climbing. Slab climbing is supposed to involve leaning back from the rockface, getting your weight into your feet and using your legs to do all the work. I find that a bit scary, so I tend to scrabble at the rock like a baffled lemur.

I love that stone giant. :)
Thanks Des. He was fun to climb.
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