Saturday, June 08, 2013


The Young Dictator -- Accepted!

I am hugely delighted to announce that my novel The Young Dictator has been accepted for publication by a publisher based in Ireland. I wrote the first chapter of this novel back in 2010 and wrote the remainder of it last year. The story concerns Jenny Khan, a young girl who gets accidentally elected as a Member of Parliament and succeeds in dismantling the democratic institutions of Great Britain and assuming autocratic powers. Later, with the assistance of her Gran, she launches a campaign to take over the Milky Way galaxy, the infernal circles of Hell and all of cyberspace too...

The novel is a satire on politics, on fascism in particular but also on representative democracy. I wanted to write something in a more direct and simple style than my usual work. My desire was to create a book that could be enjoyed by young and old adults equally, a comedy that gets wilder as it progresses but also tries to raise some interesting questions about the strategies people use to cope with modern life. The publisher will be Pillar International Publishing and I have just been formally added to their roster of authors. Although I always enjoy having a book accepted for publication, I am especially pleased with this one...

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