Tuesday, July 09, 2013


Better the Devil You Know

A couple of years ago a fake "publisher" by the name of Neil Jackson scammed me (and other writers) by commissioning chapbooks and ebooks from us, which he sold at a profit without passing any money back to his authors. Often he took the money from readers but never delivered an actual product. He pocketed the money and ran...

Anyway, the ebook I created for him was called Better the Devil and it sold quite well, but I received nothing at all. So I've finally decided to issue my own revised edition of the same ebook. Here it is; and this time every cent and penny goes to me, apart from the percentage that goes to Smashwords and the other percentage that goes in taxes... but hey, at least I get something!

100,000 words of fiction for $2.99 and a fabulous cover by the excellent Gonzalo Canedo... You can download it by clicking on this link to take you to the relevant Smashwords webpage.

Note: If you've already bought The Tellmenow Isitsöornot then you probably don't need this one as well, as some of the contents overlap.

Can't believe Rhys... I imagined how mad you felt when it happened... Hope it sells a lot!
Thanks my dear friend!!
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