Sunday, July 28, 2013


Non-Canonical Tales

I have just finished writing my 703rd tale. This one is about a giant air bubble under the ocean where people go when they are tired of life on the surface. Shame the submarine that takes them there is a bit too pointy... It is called 'The Bubble Bursts'... All well and good, but the fact of the matter is that I have written dozens of tales that aren't included in my official list of written stories. Why did I leave them out? I don't have a good answer. Some of them just seemed too short to be valid stories; but in fact I love flash fiction and a story that's only half a page long can be just as mighty as a novel.

I have therefore decided to collect many or most of these non-canonical stories together and write a framing device to contain them, and linking passages to connect them, so that there will be one new story made of many parts and those parts will be all those loose unlisted stories. It's a way of gathering my lost sheep back into the flock. The title of this new multi-part story will be 'The Floppiness of Mucky Puppet' and I have no idea why it will be called that. The words just jumped into my mind this morning and demanded to be used. I can't turn such a demand down. I will include it in my rewritten and expanded Flash in the Pantheon collection, which I hope will eventually become a proper book.

This means that the already existing ebook collection with that name will be coming down soon. You can still grab it before it vanishes! 101 flash fictions for only $2.99... Get it from Smashwords or Amazon now!

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