Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Beaches' Brew

I'm not very good at multi-tasking and when I have lots of projects to work on at the same time my brain normally implodes and I end up doing nothing instead. The only answer is to put blinkers on and concentrate on no more than ten projects at a time, and that's what I have been doing. Anyway here is a partial list of what I have been up to. There's a lot more (for instance a possible Tintin novel)...

I have finished proofreading my book of absurdist tales, The Just Not So Stories, and have also finished proofreading my book of tribute stories, The Senile Pagodas, and I'm about to start writing a glossary for The Young Dictator (to explain the meaning of such terms as 'democracy' to younger readers), and I've been sending stories to publishers for two new collections, Modern Milesian Tales and Bone Idle in the Charnel-House, and writing stories for my proposed collection of fairy tales, My Big Glib Book of Flippant Fairy Tales (incorporating paradoxical parables and facetitious fables), and expanding my collection of flash fictions, Flash in the Pantheon, and preparing my massive ebook, The Million Word Storybook, the longest single author ebook collection in history, and accepting commissions for short stories and novellas. You get the picture.

I keep sane by walking dogs in the sea and going to beach parties...

Facetitious - an interesting word.
Ha! A Freudian slip there, methinks! :-)
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