Monday, August 05, 2013


Rustblind & Silverbright

I have a soft spot for Eibonvale Press, run by the quirky and enigmatic David Rix. When they were formed about six years ago they were just a promising new publisher on the scene with reasonably designed books. Since that time, Rix has learned a heck of a lot and all of it is good. His designs are now exceptional and getting better with each new title. And Rix himself is proving himself to be a writer and an individual worth keeping an eye on. There's something different about him (I would say something 'unique' but everyone is unique). I have had the pleasure of meeting him twice and I am convinced he has arrived from some other decade in a time machine, but whether that decade exists in the future or past is hard to determine. Or rather: he is probably from the future and did careful research on how he thought the 1930s were going to be but ended up in the early 21st Century by mistake...

Eibonvale's latest volume Rustblind and Silverbright is an anthology of 'slipstream railway stories' and is the best production yet from this fascinating publishing house. My own contribution to the book is a story entitled 'The Path of Garden Forks' that I wrote back in 2009. At the time I doubted it would ever see print, it was simply too offbeat. But that's the beauty of independent publishers like Eibonvale: nothing is necessarily out of bounds. I think that I have written my best work in the past five years and that this story is in the premier division of what I can do. That's just my opinion, of course. And yes, the title is a warped reference to the famous Borges story.

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