Sunday, August 25, 2013


The Ironic Fantastic #2

The second of the Ironic Fantastic ebook anthologies is now available for free download. That's right, it's absolutely FREE! This issue contains a never-before-published long story from David Gerrold, the man who wrote the 'Trouble With Tribbles' episode for the original STAR TREK. That was always my favourite episode when I was young. Gerrold also wrote a pretty darn amazing time-paradox novel called The Man Who Folded Himself (which I seem to remember in one long ago competition was lampooned as The Man Who Fondled Himself, which bizarrely is accurate as well as being a spoof).

The second issue can be downloaded from Smashwords by clicking on this link. The first issue can also be obtained for free from the same place. If you are an author who sent material for this issue ages ago and I accepted it, but you now find that your story is not included, don't worry. This is a result of the fact I am utterly disorganised. Your story will appear in issue #3 or #4 or #5 instead. Because the Ironic Fantastic is going to be a theoretically limitless series of anthologies. I won't be editing them, though!

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