Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Draw a Monster!

A fine Portuguese fellow by the name of Paulo Brito has decided to create an extremely limited edition deluxe book of my story 'Monsters of the Victorian Age'. That particular story (in thrall to my literary hero Donald Barthelme) consists of drawings and text in equal measure. I can't draw very well but I didn't let that fact hold me back!

Now here's the thing. Paulo wants more monsters in the book than the original six, so he is asking for contributions. People are already sending in pictures and I did another too (see above). Do you have any inclination to draw a monster for this project? The closing date is October 15th. Email them to me at the following address: rhysaurus@gmail.com

Monsters, monsters, give me monsters!

Hello there Rhysaurus!

Have you heard that Michael Moorcock has written a new Jerry Cornelius short story? Here is the synopsis:

'When commuters board the tube at Tottenham Court Road but alight at Chatelet – Les Halles or Pelham Bay Park it is obvious that something in the multiverse is going very wrong. In Paris, Jerry’s old friend Professor Hira points out that ‘Art is science. Science is art’, and furthermore reveals that since 1984 ‘the whole of radiant time, version upon version of constructed reality, has depended for its survival on a certain artistic pattern, an essential mechanism for order.’ There is nothing else for it, Jerry must get to the Time Centre on Eel Pie Island pronto, and – armed only with a tube map and Paolozzi’s original designs – find a way back to Soho in 1982, for the central artistic pattern upon which the multiverse depends is of course Paolozzi’s iconic mosaic at Tottenham Court Road London Underground station'
Is this for real?
I love Moorcock's 'Cornelius' stories. It's time I went back and re-read some of them, I think.
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