Monday, October 14, 2013


Facets of Faraway is Back

My set of self-published ebooks is being adjusted and reordered. Recently I took down some of them. A few will be reinstated in improved form! For instance, I have added new stories to Facets of Faraway and lowered the price. It is now only $0.99 on Smashwords. That's about 62p. I am lowering the prices of nearly all of them. I won't be adding many more new ebooks to the set, just a collection of cat stories and then the biggie, the monumental Million Word Storybook. And that will be it! Finito!

I also want the contents of a few of these ebooks to be slightly different in their Smashwords and Amazon editions. I tend to sell more of them on Amazon, for some reason but the Smashwords editions will often be better value for money, more stories for less cash. Facets of Faraway is almost the same in both editions but not quite. I don't want people to buy both editions: the point is to make a choice. This makes it a little more interesting and variable in my view.

The Smashwords editions of my self-published ebooks can be purchased here.
The Amazon editions of my self-published ebooks can be purchased here.
If you do purchase any I will be grateful!!

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